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Policies and Procedures Update for Abandoned sites

On a quarterly basis, Graduate Center IT will initiate a process to remove abandoned sites from the WS network. A site will be considered “abandoned” if the site owner, or an authorized administrator, has not accessed the property in over 2 years.

An initial notice will be sent to all abandoned site owners, after which there will be a 1 month grace period for them to login to their properties on the network. Logging onto the abandoned site in question will effectively remove it from the abandoned sites list; no further action is necessary.

Sites that remain inactive after the 1 month grace period will be taken offline and archived for a period of 2 months. Once a site has been archived, users will need to contact the Help Desk to reactivate it. At the end of the archive period, users will be given a final notice and a one week window to contact the Help Desk. If no action is taken after the final notice, the abandoned site will be permanently deleted.