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The Graduate Center’s Web Site Services is a platform that allows easy access to staff, faculty, and students for the creation of websites for a variety of purposes including conference and group sites, CVs and personal sites, and general interest blogs. The Graduate Center provides instant access to a variety of themes, plugins, and templates to begin building a website following login.




A New Design For Website Services

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Using Widgets in WordPress


Elegant Themes: Getting Started 2021

Elegant Themes offers the Divi theme. Here's a good video [...]

Other First Steps

Managing Comments and Avoiding Comment Spam

Many blogs developed with Wordpress utilize comments as a way to [...]




Finding Images Using the WordPress Photo Directory

Find a Photo




Query Loops In Use

Query Loops In Use




Full Site Editing Intro All In A Website

Learn About Full Site Editing!


GC Network credentials (for all staff, faculty and students) or Email Address (for non-GC persons)


Terms Of Use

The Graduate Center’ Website Services  is a resource provided and supported by Information Technology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). This resource is intended to serve as a friendly, collaborative and intuitive environment wherein users can freely express and share opinions on all aspects of teaching, learning and research.

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